With many years of expertise in the Western Palatinate, the Saar-Pfalz district, Rhine-Hesse and the Rhine-Main area, you will find a customer-oriented and professional partner in G+Q Immobilien, both as an estate agent and as a property manager.

Rental / special property management
As an experienced property manager, we focus on the customer: As a landlord or community of owners, we take care of the smooth running of your property.
WEG administration
Owning a condominium means responsibility, especially an economic one. A condominium is a great challenge, especially for those who are buying property for the first time [...]
Real estate as capital investments
More and more people prefer real estate as an investment. Condominiums and houses are viewed as stable in value and low-risk [...]
Tenant search
Renting out a property is often time-consuming and nerve-wracking for owners. In order to ensure ongoing rental income, vacancy of the rental property should therefore be avoided [...]
Sell and buy real estate
As an aspiring real estate agent, we are the ideal partner for you when it comes to "buying real estate" and "selling real estate" [...]
Property management is complex and that is precisely why we support landlords in the expiry of fixed interest rates and advise on financing issues and further financing.

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Age-appropriate housing needs to be rethought....
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Urban, individual and sustainable - this is how the senior living and care property of the future should be, according to the Carestone trend study "Urban Living in Old Age"(bit.ly/3bm8EHN), in line with the megatrends of our time. But Germany is lagging behind. It needs significantly more projects in all their facets to meet the high and still rising demand. For the trend reversal toward sufficient affordable living space in cities to succeed, hybrid and novel solutions for senior living and care properties are a prerequisite. CareTRIALOG explains exactly where the trends and opportunities lie.
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