Owner and tenant portal

Here we would like to briefly introduce our new owner and tenant portal!
Object information, bulletin board and emergency contacts

Here you will find at a glance on the one hand the object photo to your property, all contacts / emergency contacts such as those of the property management, janitor, heating engineer, sewage treatment and many more.

Furthermore you have here directly the bulletin board integrated, in which we set you all current upcoming news, as well as dates to your property. These are filtered and sorted by categories.

The news in the bulletin board are archived and can be retrieved by you in the follow-up.

Of course, you will be informed about all news in parallel by e-mail, so that you no longer miss any appointments. Here you will be informed, for example, about the reading of the meters of the metering service, the shutdown of the water / the heating system due to repair and maintenance work and much more.



© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

The collection of resolutions

In the portal under the item collection of resolutions you will now also find all resolutions that were passed in the owners' meetings.

The voting result is displayed here with the corresponding co-ownership shares, divided into "yes", "no" and "abstain", and also whether a resolution was passed or rejected.

Furthermore, you can see the exact wording of the resolution, the date of the resolution and also the majority principle.

Decided payments

In the portal, on the left-hand side in the menu, under your property as a sub-item for your accommodation unit, you will find the tab "Validity period payments". All past and current payments are listed here. This is done with the start date on which the respective payment is due and the end date on which the payment was last valid.

This means that as soon as a new payment is set, for example, at the beginning of a corresponding month, the end date is automatically set to the end of the previous month.

For owners' associations, the advance house payments and the maintenance reserves are broken down here.

For tenants and property owners, the corresponding rental payments, as well as advance payments for ancillary costs, are broken down under this item. Where applicable, separate flat rates are also listed if agreed.

© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

Document system / release

Our integrated document system in the owner and tenant portal is a great advantage and facilitation. Here we can post and approve any documents that we send to you in digital form, but also in paper form.

All information letters, invitations to owners' meetings, statements of house fees, operating costs and ancillary costs, economic plans, offers and much more can be collected here and displayed and prepared for you subdivided into categories.

Of course, you will also receive an e-mail here notifying you of your new documents. This notification will be sent immediately after the release of your documents.

All documents are encrypted via access and are also intended only for you. Only you as the customer and we as the administrator can view these documents. Your co-owners, other tenants or third parties have no access here.

Document display

Directly integrated in the portal is also a tool to read the corresponding documents. No documents need to be downloaded here.

However, this does not exclude downloading the files. You can also download them to your computer, tablet or even cell phone and archive them as you wish.

App for Android and IOS devices

In the coming months, our portal will be supplemented by an app for Android and IOS devices, so that you can also permanently use the advantage of our portal. To do this, you only need to log in to the app once with your user data. You will then not only receive all notifications about news in the bulletin board and new documents by e-mail, but also directly on your smartphone as a notification.

In addition, a chat bot is then also available in the app and our portal to receive damage reports, meter readings or other concerns 24/7.

© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

© Immoware24 - www.Immoware24.de

Rental income / statistics

If you are a property owner or condominium owner and have commissioned us with rental management or condominium management, you can view all your rental income for the units managed by us under the item Rental income.

Furthermore, you will see statistics on your current occupancy rate and vacancy rate.