Property management


Property management is complex and that is exactly why there are professionals like G+Q Immobilien. With many years of expertise in Wiesbaden, Saulheim, Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, in the Western Palatinate, in Rheinhessen and into the Rhine-Main region, our all-round carefree package in condominium management, as well as rental and condominium management, provides maximum security and convenience and relieves the burden with time savings and cost advantages.



Owning a condo means responsibility, especially an economic one. Especially for those who buy property for the first time, a condominium is a big challenge. Previously, the landlord took care of all the important tasks. Now bills have to be prepared, offers requested, repairs ordered and communication with service providers and other co-owners established.



We want you to feel comfortable with and in your property and to be able to deal with the things that are important to you. In rental management, we ensure a steady and smooth letting process and see ourselves as mediators between landlords and tenants. In this way, we relieve you of everything that might be involved in the day-to-day running of your property and make well thought-out suggestions for optimising the value of your property. This also includes, for example, advice on possible repair, renovation or modernisation measures.