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Anbei finden Sie die einzelnen Beiträge zu unseren Leistungen.

Sowohl als Makler, als auch als Verwalter finden Sie in uns einen kundenorientierten und professionellen Partner.

Rental / special property management
As an experienced property manager, we focus on the customer: As a landlord or community of owners, we take care of the smooth running of your property.
WEG administration
Owning a condominium means responsibility, especially an economic one. A condominium is a great challenge, especially for those who are buying property for the first time [...]
Real estate as capital investments
More and more people prefer real estate as an investment. Condominiums and houses are viewed as stable in value and low-risk [...]
Tenant search
Renting out a property is often time-consuming and nerve-wracking for owners. In order to ensure ongoing rental income, vacancy of the rental property should therefore be avoided [...]
Sell and buy real estate
As an aspiring real estate agent, we are the ideal partner for you when it comes to "buying real estate" and "selling real estate" [...]
Property management is complex and that is precisely why we support landlords in the expiry of fixed interest rates and advise on financing issues and further financing.