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Whether an investment in residential property, micro-apartments, holiday property, hotel apartments, care property or listed property - here at G+Q Immobilien you are in exactly the right place.

We can offer you all these products through our exclusive developer purchasing. We have permanent access to several thousand units throughout Germany.


As an experienced real estate agent in Wiesbaden, Saulheim, Kaiserslautern and Landstuhl, our focus is on the customer!

At G+Q Immobilien, we have the necessary market knowledge to assess the sales opportunities for properties of all kinds. Regardless of whether it's extensive property development projects, apartment buildings, residential parks or individual real estate properties - the focus is on our clients' wishes and providing them with the best possible advice.

Are you looking for your dream property from private to private?

Here you will find exclusive single-family homes and condominiums that you can purchase through us from our private clients!

System real estate in the residential segment is a solid and convincing product, which is suitable both as a capital investment and as a retirement provision.

Real estate management and financing with a system: the all-round carefree package.

Enjoying city life to the fullest and relaxing in nature - both are possible in these apartments. With fully furnished apartments for students and business people in fast-growing metropolises, you create real value.


Use the care property precisely as a retirement provision or for asset accumulation. An investment in such a property offers you excellent advantages. Benefit from long-term and indexed rental contracts, as well as fully managed properties.

You do not need to acquire any know-how regarding renting and the settlement of service charges. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Personal advice
  • site visits
  • Financing Service
  • Long-term leases
  • Real estate investments with nursing care properties

With the explanatory video of our cooperation partner "Carestone" we would like to introduce you to the concept of nursing homes as a capital investment.

Here you will find the current projects in the sale on the subject of care investment:



Through Denkmal Geschütze Objekte you not only invest in a property, but even save taxes due to your additional depreciation. Involve the tax office in your asset accumulation and use the possibilities of special depreciation.

The metropolitan regions of Leipzig and Dresden are exemplary. Nowhere is the upswing in the East more impressive than in these two cities. The demand for small and large residential units is enormous, and Dresden and Leipzig's architectural past has a huge supply of good substance to offer. It is just waiting to be awakened to new splendour.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Personal advice, online and directly on site
  • Further increase in returns with tenant pool and guarantees
  • Financing up to 100% possible
  • Caretaker and repair service

Our partners support you in the realisation of your dreams. Planning, consulting, inspection, financing as well as legal and fiscal support, because realized dreams should also remain safe.



Benefit from short-term cash flow due to fixed, monthly rental income by entering into a 20-year lease with two five-year tenant renewal options. A major advantage of this investment is that the rent is distributed monthly and regardless of whether your hotel apartment is occupied or not.

With these hotel apartments you invest inflation-protected due to indexed rental contracts (according to CPI) and increase the value of your property through the constant rent increases. In the concept of the hotel apartments we can also offer a notarial repurchase guarantee by project developers.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Personal advice
  • Viewing directly on site
  • Financing advice
  • Operator bears the ongoing ancillary costs

Often this advantage is underestimated. You invest not only for yourself, but also for your descendants. Through the land register security you have all rights to this apartment and can inherit, give away, borrow or sell it.



With rooms or bungalows in holiday resorts or holiday villas at sought-after holiday locations, you not only fulfil your dream of the south, but also work on building up your assets.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Personal advice
  • Financing service
  • Financing up to 100% possible
  • After Sale Service